Dutch hacker portraits – Visualising code

Programmers, hackers and cryptographers

This series of studio portraits were taken between October 2014 and June 2018. With this project I create photographic portraits of individuals who work in the field of computer engineering. These people work on a daily basis with various programming languages, they can be considered hackers, tinkerers and mechanics. This sub scene is formed by enthusiastic individuals, who have an extraordinary interest in computers networks and other hardware involved. The young individuals are passionate about machines with silicon chips and often want to know every last detail of the hardware and software. For these series I asked the hackers to visualize their code and programming language while they were being photographed.

HackersHandshake – Dutch hackers responsibly disclosed

Exhibition project

The upcoming exhibition is called “Hackers Handshake” which refers to the handshake process between client and server during the negotiation of a secure connection. A successful handshake will result in a secure and encrypted connection. For the end user this is also known as https or the green SSL certificate shown in the browser during the visit of a website. The friendly handshake is what helps to start the conversation between hackers and system owners about responsible disclosure concerning cybersecurity related vulnerabilities. Together both parties can benefit from a good partnership between ethical hacking and the right workflow handling these vulnerabilities. These hackers help improving security by breaking code and reporting it to the people who can fix it – a practice called Responsible Disclosure, or Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure.

More information about the upcoming 2018 exhibition is available at hackershandshake.com
For information about responsible disclosure visit helpfulhackers.nl